What To Pack When Traveling During Winter

Christmas holidays are undoubtedly one of the times where traveling is both hectic and exciting. You expect to have a great time along with the interaction of distant relatives or the closest of friends. However, it is a no-brainer that some of the destinations located in the Northern Hemisphere have the winter season, and it is only logical to dress accordingly.


For you to have a memorable and well-utilized winter break, you have to prepare properly. Pack all the necessary things, especially clothes. You don’t want to spend your already-budgeted money for some items that you already owned yet careless enough not to bring on board.

Items to Pack

Here are the necessary items needed when you are traveling during the winter season:


These items are essential to enable you to travel. Aside from that, they need to be protected so that they don’t get any damage during the winter season. They are:

  • Travel documents 

Aside from passport and the return-flight tickets, if you purchase an insurance policy, you might want to secure it in case emergencies might happen.

  • Valid ID cards

This is a must, and depending on the location, it will be easier for you to get tracked in case you got lost.

  • Credit cards and Cash

Even if your whole trip is expense-free, it will be a great advantage of having some money in case you need or want to spend on something.

  • Medications

Since the cold weather can negatively influence the body’s systems, medications must be brought and put in a container that withstands the surrounding temperature.

The first three items are to be put in a case that won’t get wet and degrade at cold temperatures.


These might be the crucial part next to the important documents. Clothes can either make your trip enjoyable or not. You can opt to buy upon your destination, but that will be a waste of money if you have them already but lack the awareness in preparation. Here are the types of clothes you must consider:

  • Upper clothing

Shirts with sleeves and dark colors are ideal for wearing and bringing along. Since it is winter, you won’t be worrying about getting perspired or irritated. The thicker the shirt and the longer the sleeves, the better are your chances of quickly warming up.

  • Lower clothing

Jeans or any long pants with comfortable thickness are ideal for the winter season. The knees are one of the most reactive parts of the body to the surrounding temperature, so it needs to be covered.

  • Underwear

The underwear you have at your home are generally okay to wear whatever the season may be. However, the concern is directed to other garments like socks and undershirts. The fabric has to be thick and soft so that it can keep you warm without being too bulky.

  • Layered clothing

Obviously, jackets and sweaters must be worn during your travels. Without them, you won’t be comfortable moving at all, even just a few meters on your way to the place that you will be staying.

  • Shoes

Boots are safe choices. They can withstand the pile of snow and have enough traction to prevent you from slipping.


These items can stimulate your body to warm up during the cold weather. It might not be necessary to purchase these just for your travels since these can be bought conveniently on most winter destinations, but it will be a great advantage if you already have them. These are:

  • Wool scarves
  • Beanie hats
  • Gloves / Mittens
  • Ear warmers

Specific Things

These things are usually brought if your winter trips are intended for specific purposes such as winter sports, hunting, or others. Unfortunately, some of these things are not allowed on commercial planes or even on cruise ships.

  1. Sports gear and safety equipment = brought on land travels
  2. Hunting tools and camping gear = brought on land travels
  3. Portable storages = bought on land travels
  4. Camera equipment = can be a case-to-case basis, depending on the trip policies


Traveling during the winter season is definitely an adventure in itself. Proper preparation is the only way to secure that your trip is worthwhile. It will be helpful to spend your Christmas break without any worries, especially on the finances.