Weird Tricks You Could Do To Keep Your Car Clean

Cleaning your car can be very tasking. You are usually tempted to let technical personnel handle them in the carwash stores, but the expenses can be high if accumulated. Doing the task yourself might be the most economical idea, given you that you have a day-off in your busy week.

The exterior can be easy. You can conveniently wash the dirt away with just a bucket of soapy water and rag or use an effective water pump spray. However, the tough part is cleaning the interior and maintaining it that way. Surprisingly, you won’t be needing high-powered equipment and tools for the job since the following simple items can be sufficient.

Weird but Useful Tricks

Here are some weird but useful hacks you can use to make cleaning your car less challenging:

  • Toothbrush, Screwdriver with Cloth, Cotton Swabs

These materials are effective cleaning tools that can reach hard spots like the AC openings, window frame linings, and other tight spots. The toothbrush is effective on buttons. Having a cloth on the tip of a screwdriver can help you reach for crevices, and if you don’t have that, a cotton swap can do the same but will need more quantities since the dirt collected cannot be absorbed.

  • Cleaning Gunk

If the brushing and wiping tools are annoying to use, then the cleaning gunk is a bit more fun for you. You can make one with some mixture of starch, water, and glue, or you can buy a fully made one. They are highly effective but might take time to manipulate to reach some of the tight spots.

  • Olive Oil

The interior leather can be bothersome to clean and might get worse if there are stains. The use of olive oil can significantly help in cleaning the fabric’s surface without risking any damage.

  • Vaseline

The dashboard is one part of the interior that is usually exposed to sunlight. Upon its exposure, the heat can cause cracking on the surface texture. Through the application of Vaseline, those crack formations can be prevented.

  • Toothpaste, Shaving Cream

Driving under humid conditions can cause cloudy appearances on the lights and the windows as well. Applying enough toothpaste or shaving cream can defog these glass items and restore them to their former appearances.

  • Soda 

Due to the acidic qualities of soda, they can also be used as stain removers and even rust removers. You can maximize the amount through wiping with a cloth.

  • Essential Oils

Air fresheners can be tough on the nose sometimes, depending on the scent’s flavor. Essential oils can be good substitutes, and aside from that, these can give off healing aromas.

  • Organizers 

You may bring a lot of things inside and quickly create a mess, especially when you pass on a road hump. You can also create a mess with the food you have been eating during traffic. To avoid those situations, you can bring a small-sized organizer so that you can put stuff that might scatter upon traveling.

  • WD-40

This is perhaps the most versatile liquid in terms of cleaning and maintenance. It can help in degreasing, waxing, dirt removal, stain removal, defogging, lubricant, and all other else. The only drawback might be that it works on small tasks or applications on specific area sizes only.


The items presented are unusual choices, with the exemption of WD-40 are for car maintenance. They may be unconventional, but they are practical and the best part of it all, they can be found conveniently inside your household.

A trip to the car wash stores can seem okay, but it will become a burden if done occasionally. These items reduce your costs and promote a sense of responsibility in taking care of your vehicle.