Steps to Overcome Frustration and Anger

Do you often find yourself on a heated argument with strangers so suddenly? Or do you just feel lost and much of a failure at certain times of the day?

Anger and frustration are two strong negative emotions that can make anyone unproductive and lose control of them. Many people struggle to overcome negative feelings, not only to others but mostly to their selves.

Here are some steps to overcome frustration and anger to help you with your practice on anger management:

Acknowledge your Emotions

Your emotions can get ahead of you. If you don’t acknowledge what you feel, you lose control. Recognizing anger and frustrations makes them easier to handle and overcome. Knowing also what triggers these feelings can help to avoid them from recurring.

Learn to Relax

Managing your negative feelings is a hard thing to practice. However, learning to relax when you start to feel an outburst of emotions is an efficient way to overcome it.

Do a countdown in your head while taking deep breaths to relax. Deep breath releases your tension and stress, lowers your blood pressure, and relaxes your muscle.

Having a mantra that you can repeat can also help you relax. Mantras like “All will be okay,” “Be good to others,” and “Have patience” can give you a positive mindset on the situation and to others as well.

Take a Break

Often, the only thing you may need when you feel angry and frustrated is time. Take yourself to a short walk and have a break from the chaotic scene that you are in. A short break won’t hurt if it helps you regain control of yourself.

Express your Feelings

When you feel calmer, talk to a friend that you trust with your thoughts and emotions. Having an outlet to release all your stress from being angry and frustrated is a big help. You can also hear some good points of view from others who are not in the situation and sees it outside the box.

Set attainable goals 

Frustrations often root from unfilled tasks and goals. Setting achievable goals can help you minimize or overcome your failures. Your goals can be long term and short term as well. Short term goals can be small tasks you need to do to achieve your long term objectives.


Empathy and understanding are hard to give, especially when you are at the peak of your anger. It is crucial to learn empathy in any situation you face. Try to put yourself on the shoe of the person you express negative feelings on. Have an understanding of how the circumstances reach that point and assess them.

Be Creative

Anger and frustration make many people unproductive; however, these emotions can make you creative and productive also. Best artworks are mostly born from strong emotions. You can choose to draw, write, paint, carve, or do any art form to release stress. From seeing your artwork after a verge of negative emotions, positivity may come.

Find a Support System

When you feel angry and frustrated, most of the time, you want to be alone. Nevertheless, a support system is what you most need at these times. Surround yourself with people that can help you understand your situation and let them help you.


Anger and frustration are strong feelings to struggle with, but you must have full control of yourself. Don’t let your emotions break you and your dreams. Get to know yourself better and deal with it the best way you can. Lastly, know when you need to seek help and reach out to the people you trust.