Is Sitting too Much Bad for Your Health?

There’s a famous saying that too much of anything will kill you. In this day and age, almost everything can be done while sitting. Managing your finances, buying stuff, and even attending classes can be done online. For some, sitting while doing tasks has become the norm and a habit.

However, did you know that uninterrupted sitting harms your health? You may not feel or notice it at first, but there will be a time when you will be complaining about how your back hurts or how hard it is for you to stand up after sitting. In other words, too much sitting may indirectly kill you. Listed below are some of the reasons why you should not spend too much time sitting.

Stimulates poor sitting posture

Spending too much time cultivating feelings with your couch helps you adapt to bad posture. While you first become conscious in your sitting position, the longer you sit and relax, the more inclined you are to slouch or slump. As a result, you may experience chronic back pains and poor blood circulation, even causing your spine to be distorted and misaligned in some significant cases.

Luckily for you, poor posture can be corrected. So before things get worse, sit properly and take time to stretch some kinks.

Here’s how sitting too much affect your health:

Increases Mental Health Problem Risks

Prolonged sitting and mental sicknesses have been linked in these past years. Studies show that inactive people are more prone to be depressed or develop anxiety. The chances of the body to produce ‘feel-good hormones’ are extremely lower because of a person being physically inactive.

Lack of Exercise

This is quite obvious. If you’re sitting all the time, then you are not exercising enough. If you are not exercising enough, your muscles start to weaken, and your body does. Your body needs exercise, especially when you’re growing older. If you aren’t exercising enough, then it’s like you are saying that your body is a free real estate for diseases and sickness.

Slower Metabolism

Even though you spend your weekend in the gym doing rigorous workouts or going on a stroll in the park the entire afternoon, if you sit your way through the weekdays, it will still have a slower metabolism. Exercise can’t entirely compensate for the harmful effects of prolonged sitting. This is because when the body gets used to being inactive, it starts to store fat and cholesterol. This means you start to gain weight.

So, if sitting for a long time is unavoidable, find a way to get away from your desk or couch. Even the simplest movements can help you burn calories.

Causes Health Complications

Prolonged sitting, whether it’s because you’ve got a desk job or it’s because of your preferred lifestyle, all boils down to the increased risk of having health problems. Health complications such as obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and even getting a stroke can be a result of sitting too much. You can also add developing heart diseases on the list. In some recent studies, spending too much time sitting is linked to an early death.

Sit less. Move more.

Don’t live a sedentary life. Find a way to shorten your sitting time. Consult your physician on what kind of physical activities are best for you. Remember, life is too short to spend it lazing around. The price you pay for being physically inactive can be too much you can take. Keeping yourself in shape not only helps you live longer but also live a fulfilled and happy life.