How to Select Your Ideal Yoga Instructor

It is exciting that you want to teach yoga. While practicing, it provides a sense of satisfaction, teaching others how to do yoga is a more fulfilling task. But where should one start learning how to teach yoga? Is there a yoga instructor that can help one become the best teacher in this body conditioning and relaxing activity?

There are many yoga teacher training programs online and around town that can help you get started. Here are some tips on selecting your ideal yoga instructor to help you find the best.

Check if the Yoga Alliance Certifies the Yoga Instructor or Training School

Yoga Alliance is the international standard of doing and instructing yoga. It is the governing body of the practice and guides how yoga is being taught to everyone. If the Yoga Alliance certifies a yoga teacher training school or instructor, it is accredited with international standards. It is an excellent insurance factor when you begin to establish your yoga studio soon.

Test the Instructor’s Knowledge of Human Anatomy

Knowing the poses and stands in yoga practice isn’t enough. A yoga teacher must know how everything in yoga affects the body. Thus, learning human anatomy has its merits. Although it is the most tedious part, getting instructions on the human anatomy and the benefits of yoga to each body part leverages your way of teaching it in your clients soon. It will transform your practice into one that is ideal for the specific body region. It will also encourage consciousness to the way you teach yoga in your studio once you complete the course.

Learn How They Conduct Yoga Trainings in the Past

Two things need a good check here. One is on which hours or days are they more active in instructing yoga teachers. The other is on how long and progressive they teach yoga instructors in the methods over the years. Guarantees and accreditations aren’t enough to ensure a yoga instructor’s credentials. Doing your research on how they conduct yoga training over the years helps you grasp their training methods.

You can check the reviews of their previous students or further research the beliefs and principles of the instructor or training school. You can even ask anyone you knew who have undergone yoga teacher training how they do it and their personal opinions about their methods of instruction.

Check their Yoga Program Flow

Like any courses, the yoga teacher training program has a syllabus. It tells you the number of hours your instructor teaches you about the philosophy, human anatomy, forms, and ways of conduct in doing yoga. It displays how they understand yoga styles through the various methods of instruction they offer in helping you understand yoga holistically.

Knowing the syllabus allows you to choose the learning path that you can engage in your yoga teacher training. You can either opt for a more spiritually-inclined learning or anatomy-focused instructions. Either way, studying the program’s curriculum gives you an idea of the lessons plus leverage your schedules with the instructor.

Know your Yoga Instructor Personally

Knowing the program’s curriculum can also help to know the instructor who will guide you in learning how to teach yoga. Your ideal yoga instructor isn’t just limited to how they teach. How the instructor lives life, his or her understanding of the world, and the sense of purpose he or she holds in instructing yoga teachers can help you decide whether you want to engage in them or not.

Final Word

Although you and the instructor don’t need to share the same ideas, it helps you connect with them quickly and keep your engagement in the course because you know how the instructor teaches yoga to future teachers. You can search for their online profiles, check their social media, and attend public classes that they hold to help you know your instructor intimately and decide whether you want to have them as your yoga teaching instructor or not.