Hacks To Make Your Bedroom Appear Bigger

Owning a house or having a little apartment is a privilege nowadays with how populated the world is. Most will only be getting the room that can barely be afforded. However, you can learn many ways to improve or make them appear bigger.


The bigger the room appears, the more soothing, relaxing, and welcoming it becomes. So, forget about renovation or constantly bouncing from one address to another. Check these economic and straightforward hacks that can help your room look bigger, particularly the bedroom.


Strategic Paint Choices

Colors can influence how you see things. Certain combinations can create illusions that make your bedroom appear bigger.

  • Light Colored Walls

Having light colors on the walls reflect sunlight and can add a bright and less claustrophobic atmosphere in the room.

  • Less Light Colored Trims

Coloring trims with less lightly hues can provide an optical illusion that the walls are taller than they are.

  • Dark Colored Ceilings

Dark colors on the ceilings mimic the feeling of looking above the night sky, where the perception of outer space is unfathomable.

  • Monochromatic Paint

Using monochromatic means focusing on one specific color. It would be helpful to stick to a single color, including the numerous shades since monochromatic themes give you a sense of fluidity, and the eyes have fewer stimulants to segmentation.

Smart Furniture Choice and Arrangement

Since the bedroom is an enclosure, the size of anything inside can consume a considerable amount of volume, and the remaining space might turn out useless. Optimization is crucial, and here are some ways to help you create ideas:

  • Space-Savers

Convertible furniture is a sure-fire way of saving space. You get more than one function being assembled alternately.

  • Avoiding Excess

Keep the amount of furniture to its bare minimum, if possible. The fewer objects inside, the more space the room has.

  • Modify Creatively

There are ready-made convertible furniture, but it will be better if they suit the needs and the state of the room. Choose not only that has significant mechanisms, but also that blends well with the room design.

  • Keep It Low

Ancient oriental homes look so grand because they don’t have tall or high furniture. If it can be applied to your room with the consideration of its condition, then you might be enjoying a large volume of space right below the ceiling.

  • Transparent Furniture

It may not be a common choice, but having transparent furniture gives you an illusion of semi-invisibility.

  • Furniture Legs Exposure

A great analogy of this is that when an average female with great legs is wearing short shorts, she will appear tall due to the exposure.

  • Surrounding Shelving

Shelves that surround other furniture are popular among small, modern apartments. Not only they maximize space, but they minimize your effort in alternating personal tasks, also like reading and sleeping.


Simple additions and how they are placed can significantly improve the appearance of the bedroom. Also, these items have specific functions for the room, and you personally. Here are some organizational tips on how to execute that:

  • Illusion Through Mirrors

Full-body mirrors give the illusion of depth. The best placement has to be where there is ample space for walking around.

  • Color Coordination

From bedsheets to accessories, having a single color theme, either blended to the room colors or not, helps create coherence and a sense of fluidity.

  • Clutter-Free Organization

Being a minimalist helps in molding ideas for making the room bigger. However, if clutter is unavoidable, subtle containers integrated on some furniture can be used as hidden storages.

  • Artworks And Spaces

An empty wall already promotes openness. But for an art lover, choose a bold, large artwork and have it hanged aesthetically. Rule of thumb for hanging things is to divide the wall crosswise into three sections. Leave the middle section for creating an illusion of space and hang the decors on the upper portion.

  • Smaller Lamps

A simple night lamp can help the room’s borders appear to be endless due to the shadows and darkness.

  • Alignment Coordination

Patterns can maintain the illusion. If the room’s items have vertical patterns, it will be helpful if all of the items have the same patterns also. It lessens the processing of new, random information for the eyes.

  • Caution For Drapes

Of course, curtains exist for privacy. But the thing that keeps your private mind turn annoying. Having long drapes is like having a very thick line dividing the room, so you better be cautious about the selection and manipulation of drapes and curtains.


Many budget-friendly solutions help your room appear bigger. It may seem an enormous task, but with consideration of your age, the stress-relieving benefits it indirectly offers are enough to get you motivated.