Beat the Heat with these Fun Water Games

Summer should never end without the chance to become wet and wild with water. Many are longing for the refreshing experience at the beach and soaking themselves wet in the cold waters of swimming pools. However, today, health protocols constrain the people, and the crowd is avoided by many.

So, how do you beat the heat and boredom at home? Creativity and resourcefulness are the keys to a better summer. You have all the essential resources at home to improvise fun water games that all ages can enjoy. Here is a list of fun water games you can enjoy at your backyards and garage:

Fun Cups

Plastic cups are known as cheap party essentials that many have at home. You can easily buy them in supermarkets, or you may have collected a number of these cups from earlier use. Here are some fun cups games perfect for summer:

  • Spill the Water on Me” is a fun way to reuse your stack of plastic cups. One player lies down flat on the floor with an empty plastic cup placed on his stomach. Another player fills a cup with water at a distance and put it above his head, walks, and pours the water from the cup above his head to the empty cup of the player on the floor. You do know how this spilling game can be messy and fun at the same time. You can switch the players to get a chance to play the other role.
  • Cup of Chance” can also be an option for the young ones. Fill plastic cups with water to half its capacity. Arrange the filled cups with empty cups on a table. Players will be blindfolded and asked to choose a cup. If you are a lucky player to choose empty cups, you will stay in the game. Unlucky ones will be wet and out of the game. The one player who stays dry throughout the game wins.

Fun in a Bottle

As you stay home, you accumulate many plastic bottles of soda and juice. They are often left in corners waiting for your recycling ideas.

Pass the Water” is a traditional water game many kids enjoy. However, you can make a twist on the game by using plastic bottles with holes on its body instead of cups. The first player fills the bottle and passes it to the next players on his line. The team that has the most amount of water after passing the sprinkler bottle wins.

Funny Balloons

Water balloons are famous water games essentials. But instead of usual water balloon games like water balloon bucket toss, many balloon games can also be made such as the following:

  • Water Balloon Catch” involves the throwing of water balloons by one player to another player who holds an improvised catcher from gallon containers top part. The catcher makes an effort to run after the thrown balloons. The players who have caught the most number of water balloons win.
  • Water Balloon Hot Potato” is also a good game, especially for the young ones. This game is like the great Trip to Jerusalem game. You let the kids form a big circle. Music is played, while a water balloon is passed from one player to the other. The player who holds the balloon when the music stops; pops the balloon on his self and is out of the game. The last standing dry player in the game wins.

Final Word 

Summer is a wonderful time for the whole family to bond. Make summertime extraordinary for you and your children with all the games you can enjoy yourself at home. Limit the screen time and let them engage in active games with the family.